Our Orthodontists highly recommend dental braces for patients with crooked teeth, excessive gaps between teeth, underbite, crossbite, and overbite. For decades, this has been the go-for treatment for patients who want to straighten and align their teeth by gradually shifting them to the right position. Over the years, the technology behind this treatment has significantly improved, and today we are happy to provide modernized braces in Corpus Christi, TX, to children and adults.



Why opt for dental braces
If you have problems with your teeth’ alignment, then you know it is a challenge to speak properly, chew food, or showcase that bright smile. By opting to have braces in Corpus Christi, you get to resolve these problems as you are guaranteed that your teeth will gradually become aligned. This will leave you with an even bite and a presentable smile.
The good news is that at Corpus Christi Orthodontics, this treatment can be provided to both adults and children. For children, alignment issues can be recognized at early stages as they manifest once their permanent teeth start growing. On the other hand, adults can have the benefits of using either removable or ceramic braces, which are less visible and can be worn as they go about their duties.

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